Dealing with Everyday Racism as a Black Mom with a White-Passing Son

“I see people flinch with surprise as I nurse my son in public, and I wonder whether they think I’m a hired wet nurse.”

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The debate over second-hand clothes in Senegal

Donated to charity, used clothing is big business with 18,500 tonnes imported each year to the West African nation.

The guardian

Am I rootless, or am I free? ‘Third culture kids’ like me make it up as we go along

When your mother is from Finland, your father from Senegal, and you live in neither, your identity becomes a matter of choice.

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The Perfect Day in Dakar

A handy guide to museums, markets and activities in Dakar, Senegal.

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The guardian

Senegal's founding president's poetry heard in native language for first time

The late Léopold Sédar Senghor was a renowned writer but only recently has a significant volume of his work been translated from French to Serer.

Roads & Kingdoms

Years of Wandering

A piece on poems, politics, language and identity; peeking into Senegal's past & present.

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True Calling

Living in harmony with nature and working with her beloved animals every day are all the riches Tinja Myllykangas could wish for.

Navigating the space between cultures

What happens when you feel like you're from nowhere, yet everywhere at the same time?

Where to dance the night away in Dakar

A list of the best places to enjoy salsa and mbalax music in Dakar, Senegal.

roads & Kingdoms

The f-word

Space Invaders

Ndéla Faye on how men’s dominance of space – both physically
and through street harassment and victim blaming – oppresses women.

Being a Family Means Sharing Acquired Tastes

Eating the World Every Morning -
a piece highlighting breakfasts around the globe