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Pure Finnish food

Driven by an unwavering determination to create a better planet for the next generation, Restaurant C serves carefully crafted handmade dishes, made from the purest and freshest Finnish ingredients. From preserving birch leaves to scouring the woods for roots and herbs to generate interesting flavours, innovation and ecology is at the core of C’s ethos.

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Fast food with a fresh twist

When Doron Karavani opened the first Fafa’s in 2011, he had no idea that his concept of a fast food place that sells freshly made falafels and pita breads would one day grow into a large franchise. Yet, having started on the streets of Helsinki, the concept is now spreading to the rest of Europe.

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Zero-waste dining

Imagine a restaurant where all the food on your plate has been carefully thought of, and zero waste was produced while preparing it. Restaurant Nolla in Helsinki serves food with a Mediterranean twist, made from the best, local and organic produce - and is set to revolutionise the restaurant industry.