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Linnea Dunne
Executive editor, Scan Group

“Ndéla has been writing for Scan Magazine on a freelance basis since February 2014. Her writing is a joy to read and edit, and she has all the intelligence and common sense in the world. From stylistical brilliance to an always positive attitude, she is one of those freelance writers you never want to lose.”

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Edward Paice
Director, Africa Research Institute

“Ndéla was a joy to work with. She is incredibly thorough and professional in the way she undertakes any task, whether it be editorial, publication management or reorganising a database.  I sincerely wish she were still with us.”

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Anna Sowa
Owner and producer, Chouette Films

“Working with Ndéla feels relaxed even when we're bidding for some big deals. She's professional, rigorous, precise and easygoing at the same time and she just "gets it" - with sometimes rather minimal directions on our end and no matter the subject.”